Using revDB with DSN-less ODBC connections on MacOS X?

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Wed Sep 1 09:13:32 EDT 2004

For a DSN-less ODBC connection to MS SQL Server on Windows, I use
"DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=<servername>".  Note that this connection string
(which is really the host parameter in rev) has to be in double quotes.  And
since it's not a DSN, you have to specify the database name in the next
parameter.  An example of my call is:


Hopefully you can apply this to your situation.

Jay Madren

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Subject: Using revDB with DSN-less ODBC connections on MacOS X?

Has anyone succesfully used revDB to connect to an ODBC data source on MacOS
X without a DSN, using just a connection string?

Ken Ray kindly sent me a sample which suggested it should at least be
possible on Windows, replacing the DSN in the call with a connection string
of the form eg
    DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=C:\test.mdb;

But all the plausible strings I try to construct on MacOS X fail with the
    [iODBC][Driver Manager]Data source name not found and no default
    driver specified. Driver could not be loaded.

I'm using the OpenLink SQL Server driver.  I'm copying text out of the
ODBC.ini file for DSNs that are known working, and I've tried both using the
driver name, eg
    DRIVER={OpenLink SQL Server Lite Driver}

and the path, eg
    DRIVER={/Library/ODBC/OpenLink SQL Server Lite ODBC

but I get the same message each time.

Has anyone else succeeded (or tried and failed) to do this on MacOS X?

Is there some peculiarity of iODBC on MacOS X which means DSN's less
connections can't be used here, although they can on Windows?

Is it possible that the message is just misleading, and that one or other
formulation for driver was actually working, but it was failing on some
other part of the connection string?

Answers to any of the above gratefully received,

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