Dreamcard questions

Kirk McElhearn kirklists at wanadoo.fr
Wed Sep 1 04:02:40 EDT 2004


Seeing the announcement about Dreamcard on my trusty RSS reader, I decided
to download the demo and check it out. I've been looking for something to
bring back the flexibility of HyperCard since the arrival of OS X, and this
might be just what I need.

But first, some questions. I must say, the RunRev website is confusing at
best, at least regarding what you get for your money...

Documentation: there is a built-in reference doc in Dreamcard, but I don't
see any manual. Where can I find a manual? The website talks about _buying_
printed documentation; does that mean that the only way to get a real manual
is to pay for it?

The "Dreamcard special offer bundle": this includes Dreamcard, a book by Dan
Shafer (is this a book on Dreamcard, or just on Revolution?), as well as
"The Advanced Learning Pack". Um, what is this Advanced Learning Pack? Is
that the printed manual?

The website also talks about an "update pack" which costs another 33%...
What is this? It seems like the program is reasonably priced, but to learn
how to work with it you need to shell out a fair amount of money. I'd like
to make sure I know what I'm getting before I get into this.

Thanks for any help,
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