Why 10 hours for a newbie and 30 days for a "programmer" ?

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Wed Sep 1 03:24:37 EDT 2004

For DreamCard users... I think 10 hours is just about right. If after 
spending 10 hours with DreamCard, you're not convinced to pop for the 
$99 version, then I'm not sure when you'd be. Now, Revolution is a 
different deal, as it's targeted at professional programmers, and as 
such would need more 'tire-kicking'.

I doubt RR would gain many potential buyers if they upped the Dreamcard 
demo to 30 days or more.

Just my 2 cents.


sims wrote:

> Maybe its a typo? Ten hours is way too low...I think that even 30 days 
> is too low.

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