OSX GUI Manipulation?

bfr at nwlink.com bfr at nwlink.com
Wed Sep 1 02:07:21 EDT 2004

> Normally, you just use the AppleScripts directly with the
> application. Otherwise QuickKeys can manipulate any app
> whether it has applescripts or not...

Many apps are not scriptable, or do not expose everything to scripting.
Filemaker is highly scriptable but there is still a long list of actions
that are not scriptable.

System Events is the application built into the operating system for GUI
scripting. For many actions, no other utility is required.

Quickeys and iKey are both commercial utililties which provide more
full-featured GUI scripting.

In the past, other programming tools like FaceSpan provided features that
allowed programmatical scripting of the GUI of other Mac applications. It
is my understanding that Rev is trying to compete with other programming
tools like Realbasic and Facespan. I am asking if Rev provides a
competitive feature set.

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