Mac Menu Madness

william griffin bill at
Wed Sep 1 00:12:15 EDT 2004

I decided to explore the world of popup stacks.
I created a menuBar item
I gave it a button:
on menuPick
popup stack "IDLETHROTTLE"
end menuPick

I tested, the IDE locked up.
Finally I escaped from that, then I noticed my stack which is a toolbar 
type of stack, like
the rev toolbar stack, had shifted some X pixels to up under the mac 
I message boxed it down 100 pixels, and noticed all the items of my 
stack had shift up a bunch of pixels
I selected all and arrow keyed them down and notice some of my buttons 
were missing.

I used a reset button to put everything back in place, no go, the stack 
got shoved about 40 pixels
under the menuBar.
I quit, I restarted, and the stack got shoved another extra 40 pixels 
under the menuBar
When I check the rect of the stack it is 2,22,800,44  which is exactly 
what it always has been
but the display and the settings do not match. as seen here.

What could cause this? How do I fix this?

Mr Bill

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