Login to web mail - libUrlSetAuthCallback?

VHD vhd at vhd.com.au
Wed Oct 27 05:58:39 CDT 2004

I am trying to login to an internet email account I have (similar to Hotmail).

I have tried POST, URL etc... commands without success.

When using a normal browser it seems that there are a few page redirections before I am able to view my emails.
Also if I type "http://user:pswd@domain.com" into my browser I can log in without a problem but this does not work with the URL command.

It does not seem like the URL and POST commands are able to handle page redirections. (? is this correct)

It seems that libUrlSetAuthCallback might do the trick but there is still no documentation for it. 
Does anyone know whether this command is what I am after?
If it is, how can I use it?
If it is not, does some one have an idea of how to access internet email accounts?

(I am running windows XP)



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