Unicode and Menus

Kenji Kojima index at kenjikojima.com
Tue Oct 26 11:08:44 EDT 2004


> Can you make a menu with just 'iro' as an item? I could get テキスト色 to 
> work but not just 色.
> as the head of a cascading menu. viz. with colors listed below the 
> menu.
> If I put
>> <tab>赤
> <tab>白
> <tab>黒
> (where <tab> is actually a tab char)
> into a fld and set the text of the btn to the unicodetext  of the fld, 
> the menu refuses to display in the menubar even though it displays 
> okay on the card as part of the btn group forming the menu.

Yes, i understood what you mean.
I could not make a single character "色" on MacOSX menubar item.


色 + space
tab + space + 赤
tab + space + 白
tab + space + 黒

Kenji Kojima

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