Hacking RR and how far one can go before the lawyers attack?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Oct 22 11:43:43 EDT 2004

Mathewson wrote:
> OK. let's face it I am prancing along on a legal knife
> edge!
> For my MSc thesis I have been working on a fully automated
> xTalk interface - i.e. an expert system creator for experts
> in specialist areas who don't "give a monkey's" about
> learning how to program.....
> Now I want to build into this interface a way to call up
> the RR standalone builder (RR 2.0.1).......
> 1.  Is this possible?
> 2.  Is this legal:
>    2a.  If the interface is integrated into the revtools
> stack?
>    2b.  If the interface is a free-standing RR/MC stack?
> Help me, Come down on me like a ton of hot
> bricks......advice Please!!!

I don't see a problem: Monte built an interface into the Rev App Builder 
specifically for such purposes.

Perhaps Monte can chime in to provide an overview of how it works.

I doubt the Rev folks would have a problem, as a Rev license is required 
to use the App Builder -- I think they'd probably support anything that 
increases the number of Rev licenses out there.

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