Information request for new Revolution Knowledgebase

Heather Nagey heather at
Thu Oct 21 15:59:37 EDT 2004

Dear list members,

In response to popular request, we are beginning the process of setting up a
Revolution Knowledgebase. Don't get too excited, this is likely to be a
lengthy process and you probably won't see this go online for some months

However, the good news is...

You Can Make it Happen Faster!

Anyone who sends me their pet "what, that issue again? We answered that one
yesterday, last week, last month and the year before last" question will
receive a one star gratitude point and the probability that I will mine the
list for the issue, find the answer, write it up and ultimately post it on
the new knowledgebase, so you never have to answer it again.

Anyone who sends me their pet recurring question, plus a thread title or
similar clue as to where to find the answer quickly will receive a 2 star
set of gratitude points, and a higher probability that I will find the
answer, write it up, post it on the knowledgebase, and you will never have
to answer it again.

Any fine upstanding citizen who sends me their pet recurring question, *with
the answer* will receive the full set of solid gold plated 3 star gratitude
points, and the certainty that this issue will make it to the knowledgebase
in double quick time and everyone can forget all about it.

You should send these contributions to me personally, heather at,
rather than to the list or to support.

If you're not sure about an issue, a discussion on the list would probably
be appropriate, but in the main there is probably no need to air the sorts
of topics I'm looking for on the list again.

Thank you one and all!




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