Reshape Graphic

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Thu Oct 21 13:43:10 EDT 2004


Just look at the PieControl stack on

The card script has a simple resizestack handler.

It just sends a redrawPie in a few milliseconds (after the revupdategeometry
does its stuff) and voila!


I haven't tried rotating the pie while you resize though but it sounds like
a good test for RR performance! ;) Click on the about for smooth enough
graphic animation!

I've updated the stack a couple times on request of a user in need of
options! I'll add more smooth features on the go... The 3 pies on top now
select the color of the selected piece and there's finally a nice margin on
the labels thanks to 2.5! Next update will take longuer, something cool and
smooth and some disabled features to take care of... 

So, how do we convert these nice charts to web output anyway? Has anyone
thought of converting a graph to an image you can export as gif or pict? The
combos start merging in your mind maybe... 

to the msg: Save group x as a gif file z with transparency rgbT in poster

Using the Transcriplotator to convert RR to something like flash or PHP (+
vector ml out there,) sounds like a cop out... I've seen some old time cgis
create gifs on the run. Some web stats cgis do that... Is this an open
field? Is there another solution? ccs + vml + xml + ?ml??? >;')

bon appetit les idees!

No, I don't think I want to translate Transcript to java bytecode...
But you can always indulge yourself for your stack on !

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> Anyone know how to activate the "Reshape Graphic" command 
> (Object menu of Rev 2.5) within a script?
> I would like to include it in a standalone...
> Thank you!
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