Shortening a line.

Signe Marie Sanne signe.sanne at
Wed Oct 20 03:25:37 EDT 2004

I have also struggled with this one. My way to do it:

put the width of grc 1 - then add or subtract from the result and set the 
width again.

By the way I miss the line option (I know Klaus' tools got it, but it would 
be nice to have it directly both in Revolution and MetaCard.)

Signe Marie Sanne

At 22:00 19.10.2004 +0200, you wrote:
>Second query:
>Shortening a line: Drawing a nice vertical line with the line tool is 
>straightforward. But to adjust the line to the right length is impossible. 
>The moment the mouse clicks on the handle, the line goes off vertical, and 
>it cannot be brought back to vertical. This seems counterintuitive and 
>counterproductive. The only way I can adjust this line length while 
>keeping it vertical, is to go into the object inspector, and to use the 
>height and width adjustors.
>Am I missing something?

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