$HTTP_REFERER in Rev CGI globals

Terry Vogelaar tvogelaar at de-mare.nl
Thu Oct 14 08:39:21 CDT 2004


I need to make a CGI that uses a user name and password to determine 
what privileges the user has. But using the browser history, another 
person that uses the computer after he has closed the session, can 
resume it without having to know the password.

Normally with CGI, PHP or ASP there is an elegant solution to it by 
using $HTTP_REFERER to check where the user comes from. It is also very 
useful to find out which search engines and link pages are actually 
used. But I can't find it in the list of web server globals when using 
a RunRev CGI. Can it be made available in any way? Is there an 
alternative way to be sure the user isn't using the bookmarks or the 
history of his browser?


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