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Klaus Major klaus at
Mon Oct 11 16:30:49 EDT 2004

Bon soir Yves,

> Hi,
> I'd like to have a menu "Préférences" (in FRENCH) under the 
> "application" menu
> I have a btn "Edit" and give the french name as label "edition"
> the forelast item is a "-" and the last item is "Préférences" (in 
> but the item is not placed in the applicaiton menu
> and the script of the btn is NOT executed !
> how can I find a solution...

This is definitively a case for the dummy folder called 

Name your menu "Preferences" in english! and place an empty folder
as described above (without the quotes, of course!) here:
(Control-click on the Revolution application...)

Then RR will also copy this resource into your standalone*** and you 
have "Preferences" and "Quit NameofStandalone" in French :-)

***Not tested with RR 2.5, but should work...

This works with german and any other language supported by OS X...
NOT tested with non-latin laguages/unicode menus!!!

Hope that helps...

> Thank you
> Greetings.
> Yves COPPE
> yvescoppe at

Au revoir, mon ami...

Klaus Major
klaus at

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