list widget

VHD vhd at
Sun Oct 10 21:11:34 CDT 2004

I have been doing some experiments with displaying information from a database into the list widget.
It looks like it does not handle large amounts of rows very well.
It starts struggling when displaying more than 500 rows with 5 columns.
Even though this is not a huge problem since one would not want so many rows anyway, it does make me wonder how well the list widget is implemented.

The only reason I found this out was using Sarah Reichelt's MySQLtest stack. I inadvertently selected a table that had 20 thousand rows and it took for ever (i.e. after a few minutes I had to "kill" revolution and start it up again.)
That is when I started experimenting by placing a LIMIT on the sql statements. I found that things started slowing down after 500 rows.

Does anyone know if a better list widget is in the works? (or perhaps I might be doing something wrong...)



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