Can't save from dreamcard player

Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Oct 10 11:08:54 EDT 2004

Hi Axel,

> Newbie question:
> Sorry, I am testing Dreamcard at the moment and maybe i still don't 
> quite
> understand some of the basic concepts behind this.
> Problem:
> I created a stack which is supposed to serve me as a kind of 
> address-list.
> I added a menu that let's the user save the stack.
> This works fine when i test it in the "Revolution Dreamcard" App.
> When I open the stack with the player, changes are not being saved, and
> there is no error message. (I even added a script to save changes
> automatically when the stack is closed, works in the App, doesn't work 
> in
> the Player)
> Is it generally not possible to save changes from Dreamcard Player?
> Do I have to create a stand-alone Application to achieve this?
> Thanks for any help!

open the player and click the Rev-logo in the topright corner,
which will show the prefs-dialog of the Player...

This will only work if the player is located in the same folder
as the "Dreamcard" application!!!

Please check "Run in non-secure mode" click OK and then quit
the player...

 From now on all stacks should get saved when you want them to :-)

> Axel

Regards und liebe Grüße

Klaus Major
klaus at

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