Can't save from dreamcard player

Axel Pfaender pfaender at
Sun Oct 10 10:46:36 EDT 2004

Newbie question:
Sorry, I am testing Dreamcard at the moment and maybe i still don't quite
understand some of the basic concepts behind this.

I created a stack which is supposed to serve me as a kind of address-list.
I added a menu that let's the user save the stack.
This works fine when i test it in the "Revolution Dreamcard" App.
When I open the stack with the player, changes are not being saved, and
there is no error message. (I even added a script to save changes
automatically when the stack is closed, works in the App, doesn't work in
the Player)

Is it generally not possible to save changes from Dreamcard Player?
Do I have to create a stand-alone Application to achieve this?

Thanks for any help!


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