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Mr. X,

I can do this if Revolution doesn't. I used to do it for the high ISO
characters in a similar HyperCard program in about 1990. But sometime, like
about 1992, someone brought out an XCMD that would recognize the high ISO
characters properly. I think Rinaldi also had one. I haven't checked if it
works for Revolution.

The question is whether Revolution does this. The Revolution documentation
does not mention this as a limitation of rtfText, though it does mention
other limitations. Therefore, I am wondering if it is a limitation of Word,
or me, or what.


I don't think one can consider this as a virtue of Revolution. If it
doesn't do this, it would be a better tool if it did.

On 12/19/02, Pierre Sahores wrote to the MetaCard list:

>The main features expected from this is . . . and (4) to export
>RTF formated files from the contents of the stack.

Did you make any adjustments of this nature to the output of that stack.



At 7:08 AM +0200 10/10/04, Pierre Sahores wrote:
>Thanks Xavier for writting this...
>Not too zen at all... It's important to say, again and again, that we
>don't need to let the best tools do our work for us. Revo is able to
>let us design all we are able to have in mind, no least, no more and
>it's exactly why Revo is the perfect tool we knows ;-)
>Best, Pierre
>> if RunRev had to take care of every snitchy translation out there,
>> the program would be about 9 TeraBytes zipped download... Be happy...
>> Some things, are not handled... but you can handle anything...
>> the Power of a programmer... who published that again?
>> Just a pointer to getting your app out before the punlisher
>> comes out with a perfect solution for everyone...
>> hope that's not too zen... ;)
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