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Pierre Sahores psahores at easynet.fr
Sun Oct 10 01:08:53 EDT 2004

Thanks Xavier for writting this...

Not too zen at all... It's important to say, again and again, that we 
don't need to let the best tools do our work for us. Revo is able to 
let us design all we are able to have in mind, no least, no more and 
it's exactly why Revo is the perfect tool we knows ;-)

Best, Pierre

> if RunRev had to take care of every snitchy translation out there,
> the program would be about 9 TeraBytes zipped download... Be happy...
> Some things, are not handled... but you can handle anything...
> the Power of a programmer... who published that again?
> Just a pointer to getting your app out before the punlisher
> comes out with a perfect solution for everyone...
> hope that's not too zen... ;)
> MonsieurX.com

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