it just me?

MisterX b.xavier at
Thu Oct 7 12:31:32 EDT 2004

sorry to kill the fun but has anyone found out how to
sort by background of card or viceversa card of bg?


sort cards of bg 1 by <container|property>
sort cards by bg name of each
sort bgs by name 
sort cds by id of bg of each

like when you sort by mistake a stack with 
multiple backgrounds, you need to put them
back together...

Sort cards by fld 1 of each

Anyone ever notice that you can't put a card in the
front of another or in the back? 

move this card before the previous
copy this card after the next one

For a card metaphor, it's kind of a big language omission :)

I know, no one has requested it! ;)

Thanks in advance if you find the sorting thing!

Cheers and revs to all

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> Fabulous :)
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