Bugzilla address

Robert Brenstein rjb at rz.uni-potsdam.de
Thu Oct 7 07:17:31 EDT 2004

>>Why don't you Bugzilla this?
>I didn't, and still won't, because I think that's misusing Bugzilla. 
>I think the purpose of Bugzilla is to note problems and suggest 
>improvements to the *product* - not other parts of the company, the 
>website, the articles in the press, or any other aspect of Runrev. 
>It should be (IMHO) only issues with the product itself.
>Sorry if that sounds "purist", but I've lived behind a similar 
>bug-reporting system before, and it was a fairly high-overhead 
>system for dealing with things outside the control or scope of the 
>development & support organizations it was intended for.
>-- Alex.

Well, they have

revolution online
revolution support

among product components, so RR is not as purist as you are :) There 
is no explicit web-related component, but web can be considered part 
of support imho. May be RR can/should add a web-specific component 

If the problems of web, faq etc which are discussed on the list are 
not recorded in bugzilla, they may never be attended to (unless 
Heather catches them and acts upon).


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