Size limit of table field ?

jbv jbv.silences at
Wed Oct 6 13:47:08 CDT 2004

> If you increase the application memory, you can actually make the situation
> worse, because it leaves less for the system heap, which is where the
> application is actually getting memory from (as I understand it).
> I was quite vexed by this when I first saw it (but I changed my medication
> and have calmed down now;-)

I can confirm the above.
This was also true with MC : I remember delivering a large
standalone to a client, and carefully setting the memory
allocation for MacOS 9 so that it could run easily, and my
client wasn't even able to launch it on a powerbook G3...
After checking my app, I realized that it didn't used the
memory size I allocated, but instead used a large portion
of the available RAM...

As for my problem with the crashed stack, thank you all
for the proposed solutions, but as I had a backup I made
shortly before the crash, I don't really need to open it at
all cost...
I just wanted to point out that it was the major problem
I had with Rev in 1 month (read : need re-install the app)
and that it crashed the revonline stack also...


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