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Mark Brownell gizmotron at
Fri Oct 1 10:23:32 EDT 2004

On Thursday, September 30, 2004, at 09:17 PM, Meitnik at wrote:

> -- I need this too for my project as well. I cant afford to put into 
> money 
> (I live on roughly 8k a year), but I am willing to put in strong 
> testing time
> and even help write a demo stack if requsted.
> I would love to see text/array procressing get a major upgrade on par 
> with
> all the graphics stuff thats been done over the years. (ie,
>           put arrayA[] after/before arrayB[] using comma
> or
>           put arrayA[]&"," after/before arrayB[]
>           put arrayA[] into arrayB[] using before/after arrayB[3]
> instead of doing a long loop walking the elements) Go for it!
> Andrew


I've already got a working version done in Transcript.

from this old posting:

> Hi,
> Dimensional Arrays:
> This thing is not a real array within an array, it just acts like one. 
> It provides a way to store the data as MTML, like simple XML. This 
> version is created with functions that can be copied to your own 
> scripts.
> Paste this into the message window:
> go URL ""
>   -- see stack scripts for functions
>   -- function addArray dataString, spotArray, theData
>   -- Note: addArray() will replace data that already exists in the 
> dataString
>   -- Example for adding multi-dimensional data:
>   -- put addArray(myMTMLDataString, "[1][4][5]", "John Doe") into 
> field "showMTML"
>   -- put addArray(myMTMLDataString, "1,4,5", "John Doe") into field 
> "showMTML"
>   -- see stack scripts for functions
>   -- function getArray dataString, spotArray
>   -- Example for getting multi-dimensional data:
>   -- put getArray(myMTMLDataString, "[1][4][5]") into field "showData"
>   -- put getArray(myMTMLDataString, "1,4,5") into field "showData"
> Mark Brownell
> Gizmotron Graphics

The reason that these functions put the results into a field is so that 
you can see the changes made to the XML. (this is not SGML compliant 
like well formed XML)


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