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Mac OS X uses a special icon format which is different from that used 
by Windows.  You will need to find a program capable of producing Mac 
OS X icon files, which generally have an extension of .icns.  I use 
Iconographer ($15 shareware), but of course that only runs on OS X, so 
unless you have an OS X machine to run it on, you may need to seek out 
another solution.

Iconographer can open and save OS X icons, Classic Mac icons, and 
Windows icons.  It can also import and export several image file 

It may also interest you to know that Mac OS X icons exist in several 
sizes (per icon), ranging from 12x12 to 128x128.  Mac OS X icons also 
exist in several bit-depths, ranging from 1-bit mono to 32-bit color.

Iconographer can take one of the sizes and use it to generate the 
others, and other icon editors should have this capability as well; 
however, sometimes the process of scaling the icons (not to mention 
generating masks) results in mistakes, so you should always 
double-check the masks and icon members to be sure they were generated 

Iconographer is located at:

If you are limited to the Windows platform, unfortunately there are 
Windows programs for converting Mac icons to Windows, but I have not 
yet seen one for doing the reverse.  Mac programs exist to convert both 

On Nov 30, 2004, at 2:22 PM, Leston Drake wrote:

> Hi,
> Can someone tell me the size, bit depth, and file type of an 
> application icon for OSX?
> I've got several .ICO files that I'm using on Win32, but they don't 
> seem to work when I select them in the Standalone Builder.
> TIA!
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