AirTunes and REV

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Tue Nov 30 05:41:13 CST 2004

Yeah, I suppose AS is a start. The thing is there is this latency when 
sending to airtunes to allow for streaming and so sending DVD sound/QT 
sound is not yet supported and I wanted to play with that and see about 
sending the sounds from DVD QT through iTunes or straight from REV. I 
could play with the using iTunes with AS through REV part.



On Nov 29, 2004, at 11:26 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Thomas McGrath III wrote:
>> Has anyone figured out how to send to an Airport Express with 
>> AirTunes? I know that the music is wrapped in Apples new compression 
>> scheme and then decoded. Also, Dolby files are wrapped and then 
>> unwrapped and then decoded at the stereo.
>> SOOOo if REV could pass to the airport express and do the wrapping 
>> then this would be easy.
> Streaming tunes through Airport Express with AirTunes is a snap.  It 
> powered my gal's birthday party a couple months back. Good times.
> But doing it from Rev may be less of a snap.  That is, unless Trevor 
> has more goodies in store in his externals collection. :)
> In the meantime, could you let iTunes be the engine and drive it with 
> Rev via AppleScript?
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