Drag a Graphic Tool.

Roger Guay rogerguay at centurytel.net
Sun Nov 28 12:00:19 CST 2004

Thanks very much Jan.  I thought of something like this but I was 
hoping to slow the "trace" down somehow.  Setting the points of a 
polygon is instantaneous for each line segment . . .  not the effect I 
was hoping for.  So far, I have made progress dragging the brush  tool 
as It gives me some choice of the line width.  The only problem with 
this is constructing an arrowhead at the end of the trace.  At least, 
this will be good brain exercise for me to work out the geometry!!

Cheers, Roger

> --- Roger Guay <rogerguay at centurytel.net> wrote:
>> I want to drag the polygon tool to trace over an
>> invisible polygon.  I
>> want the polygon tool instead of the pencil tool
>> because I want an
>> arrowhead plus I want to control line width.  I want
>> to use "drag"
>> because I want to control the rate at which the
>> trace progresses via
>> "dragSpeed".  However I can't seem to do anything
>> except trace a
>> straight line from the first point to the last point
>> of the invisible
>> polygon.  Can anyone suggest how I might dynamically
>> trace over the
>> hidden polygon with a variable speed, variable line
>> width plus allow
>> for an arrowhead?
>> Thanks very much, Roger
> Hi Roger,
> One option is to trace the polygon by setting the
> 'points' property to the individual points of the
> invisible polygon ; something like :
> --
> put the points of graphic "invisiblePolygon" into \
>     tInvisiblePoints
> repeat for each line tPoint in tInvisiblePoints
>   put return & tPoint after tVisiblePoints
>   set the points of graphic "visiblePolygon" to \
>       tVisiblePoints
>   wait 1 second
> end repeat
> --
> Hope this helped,
> Jan Schenkel.

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