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According to the Standard Additions dictionary (10.3.6), there is an 
immediate parameter from 0 to 7 (being discussed here), marked as 
"deprecated", which if given, will cause all of the other options to be 
ignored.  It would seem that with either OS X 10.3.5 or 10.3.6, these 
options were added to the Standard Additions dictionary, and the older, 
single-argument format was deprecated.  In order to use this method 
then, one would need to upgrade to at least that version of OS X where 
the option was added.

Not sure what to suggest if someone is using an older version of OS X 
(10.2), other than to upgrade.  There may be another way to do this 
(such as scripting the System Preferences application, or perhaps via 
the shell function and a command line tool), and I'm sure you could do 
it by writing an external for it...

On Nov 26, 2004, at 11:54 PM, Ken Ray wrote:

> On 11/26/04 9:33 PM, "Dan Soneson" <sonesond1 at> wrote:
>> These are exactly the errors I get when I try it. I am still on OS X
>> 10.2.8. I like Frank's description of how this works. Oddly enough,
>> when I checked for the "Standard additions" of the Scripting Additions
>> in the Library (System 10.2.8), I couldn't find it. Perhaps I
>> mis-installed Applescript a while back, and I cannot locate a set of
>> these standard scripting additions. The only file on my machine is in
>> the OS9 System Folder. Ken, do you have a copy of the "Standard
>> Additions" scripting library in the OSX Library folder? That may be 
>> the
>> reason we are getting the same error messages.
> Actually, I *do* have the Standard Additions library, but the entry in 
> the
> dictionary just says:
>   set volume <number>
> where <number> can be 0 to 100. Nothing about input volume...
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