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David Squance squance at
Fri Nov 26 13:25:06 EST 2004

>--- David Squance <squance at> wrote:
>>  I have a script which is intended to speed up
>>  locating a card on a
>>  find command by using an index field.  However, when
>>  tested in the
>>  msg box, it comes up as card not found.  If I "put"
>>  with the
>>  variable, the correct id (or name when I tried that)
>>  appears.  If I
>>  try
>>  "go cd <id whatever>" it goes where it should. This
>>  is the find button script:
>>  on mouseup
>>     ask "Find what name:"
>>     find it in fld "nameindex"
>>     put "id"&&(item 2 of the value of the foundline)
>>  into tcardno
>>     go cd tcardno
>>  end mouseup
>>  Any reason it shouldn't work?
>>  cDave
>Hi Dave,
>My guess is that the engine expects the variable
>'tcardno' to contain either the name or the number of
>a card ; and unless your card is named "id 12345" it
>is not going to find it.
>The easy solution :
>   put item 2 of the value of the foundLine into
>   go card ID tCardID
>or you could use the 'do' command, but that would be
>Jan Schenkel.

Thanks, Jan
That worked.  I should have thought to put the ID after the "go card" 
rather than where I had it.

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