audio on windows not playing

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Nov 25 04:26:59 EST 2004

Dag Claudi

> Hi Troy,
> Yes I try to play it in a player object. I also tried to play it with 
> the
> play "user/thisFolder/myaudioFile" command, which will sort of play 
> the audio
> though it will produce also the strangest cracking and distortion 
> which is
> absolutly unusable.
> It is also strange I have the controls set to showing and on the mac I 
> see them
> alright but on windows I don't see them at all. The player is just a 
> rectangle with no controls
> or the like.

The "controller bar" is a QuickTime only feature, you get nothing on 
windoze, obviously :-)

> I wil now try importing the file (75 Mb) and see if play audioclip 
> will work.

Please don't!

That will result in the same hellish noise as the "play ac ..." command 
and indicates that
that file is a compressed wav file...

Can you open that file in QuickTime Player and check the information 
about the fileformat?
Maybe then we could see a bit clearer...

If nothing helps, try to convert that file to e.g. MP3 format, which 
should be playable inside
a player even on windoze without QT...

> Still hoping to find a solution
> best wishes
> Claudi

Klaus Major
klaus at

"player objects" versus "play ac...":
Player objects... that use QT, which although much slower and more 
memory intensive can
play many more formats than the default play command which uses 
sound routines in Win32 and MacOS which don't support compression.

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