Memory-type stacks (was: New stack on REV-online (Klaus Major))

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Wed Nov 24 18:16:24 EST 2004

On Monday Nov 22 Klaus wrote:

> thanks to Cragg-san, my little memory stack is now available for
> download via Rev-online...
> Check for: klausimausi -> Simple memory (about 110 KB)
> Enjoy!
> ..and examine every script!!! 

This stack - probably a reflection of Klaus' contribution to the Malta 
conference - is a fine example of a tutorial-like stack: Giving exact 
advice about the sequence of steps to be taken and showing the results 
in scripts most people can easily understand!

Those interested in such kind of stacks could also have a look at page 
"sample stacks" of my website <>.

Stack "Holiday Memory" features images of the beautiful scenery of the 
Danube river in Austria - maybe this could be a venue for the next 
RevCon conference?
When two matching tiles are found, an enlarged image is displayed, which 
allows to contemplate the fascinating environment.
The stack is somewhat more complicated, but shows some other 
possiblities of structuring a memory game.

Stack "Auto-Math" contains some cards that make use of the memory 
principle for educational purposes; these cards, on which infinite 
numbers of math problems are automatically generated, arrange these 
problems in a memory-type manner.

The application of a similar principle can be seen in a "Memory" stack 
of our "Language Suite". At present there is only a screenshot of this 
stack on page: "Projects: Language Suite". The stacks of the Language 
Suite will be released soon as demo versions.

There is another stack on page "sample stacks" containing the word 
"memory", namely "Memory Span". However, it does not apply the 
memory-game principle, but tests your "short-term memory". This is a 
rather old stack, originally developed with "HyperPad", the first 
Hypercard clone for the DOS-world, that was then ported to Toolbook and 
later to Metacard. Be careful, this stack can be addictive! -

All stacks were produced with Metacard and can therefore be run and/or 
inspected using Metacard, Revolution, or Dreamcard, and - for that 
matter - with the combined Metacard-and-Revolution-Player or the MC_IDE 
that can also be downloaded from my website.


Wilhelm Sanke

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