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Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Tue Nov 23 12:43:40 EST 2004

--- "Frank D. Engel, Jr." <fde101 at> wrote:
> Works fine.  Now I have two more issues to deal
> with:
> I have a "preparing printout" type of window which
> is supposed to be 
> displayed when processing starts for the printout. 
> Basically, my code 
> runs something like this:
> open stack "preparing printout"   -- no title bar or
> anything, just a 
> simple window with some label fields
> open stack "printer stack"  -- hidden window in
> which the printout is 
> prepared, format for printing set to true
> prepare the printout
> print the printout
> close stack "preparing printout"
> 1. The "preparing printout" stack is not displayed
> under Windows (works 
> fine under OS X).  Note that the Print dialog is
> displayed after this 
> (part of the "print the printout" step), and that is
> working fine now 
> (thanks to the quoted thread), but my "please wait"
> type dialog never 
> shows up under Windows.  Tested with WinXP, Win2K,
> and WinNT4.
> 2. No version of Windows prints correctly.  I get
> different results 
> for each of the versions listed above.  Printing
> works fine under OS X. 
>   As previously noted, "format for printing" is set
> to true.
> Under all versions of Windows, some images which I
> place into text 
> fields using the imageSource property of a character
> has the original 
> size of the image loaded into an image object,
> rather than the 
> (reduced) size of the image object.  This is a
> problem, since the 
> fields are resized by one of my handlers to
> accommodate the smaller 
> size which the image objects are scaled to.  Mac OS
> X does the 
> desirable thing, and uses the smaller size.  If this
> is a 
> Windows-specific thing, I can resize the images
> manually with a 
> painting program and provide lower-resolution images
> for use when 
> printing from Windows, but given that the new images
> will be 8 pixels 
> squared, they will be of rather poor quality when
> printing at a larger 
> size (I print the card into a larger area on the
> page).  Obviously, I 
> would prefer the higher resolution image in order to
> print a bit 
> better.
> Note that one of these fields would have a single
> line of text and be 
> half the size needed for the (oversized) image. 
> Windows responds by 
> placing the line of text at the bottom of the image.
>  Since I resize 
> the field based on the formattedHeight, I would
> expect that the result 
> would be a field large enough to accommodate this,
> which is what I get 
> with W2K.  NT4 and XP, however, give me a field big
> enough for the line 
> of text, but the larger image pushes the text below
> the bottom of the 
> field, so that it does not print.
> Additionally, the text in some of the other fields
> (with no images 
> present) does not print at all under NT4 or 2000,
> but it does print 
> correctly under XP.
> Several paragraphs in one of the fields get
> separated with inordinately 
> large vertical "gaps" under NT4 and 2000, but not
> under XP.
> In all three versions of Windows, lines from table
> fields and 
> underlines from text print so light that parts of
> them are missing, and 
> the rest seem so muted as to be worthless.  Also in
> all three versions, 
> the right margins of some fields seems to extend
> past the right edge of 
> the field, so that text goes beyond the edge of the
> field and is thus 
> "chopped off", so that some of the text is missing.
> All tests to a Brother HL-1270N laser printer
> (Postscript clone); again 
> none of these problems occur under OS X.  I'm not
> sure how much of this 
> would be due to bugs in Rev and how much of it has
> to do with 
> cross-platform printing in general.
> Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
> Thank you!

Hi Frank,

The thing with formatForPrinting is that you shouldn't
change the content of the stack after setting this
property to true, or the formatting will be off.
So the best option is to set the data,; next you set
formatForPrinting false and then back to true ; next
you save the stack, close and reopen it ; and then
print it.
As for your 'preparing' stack not showing up : is it
possible you're running that part of the script inside
a lock/unlock screen pair ?

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish at the same time."  (La Rochefoucauld)

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