Standalone built sucessfully but uncomplete: known 2.5 bug?

Joël Guillod joel.guillod at
Tue Nov 23 11:05:57 EST 2004

Since 2.5 I am unable to build standalone properly under MacOSX.

I get the answer dialog telling me: "Standalone application saved 
successfully." But when I launch it I encounter errors and discover 
after a waste of time that some libraries are missing in the standalone 
.app package (e.g. the xml library) even if the libraries are selected 
for inclusion in the Standalone Application Settings. Worse, this is 
most of the time reproducible but not constantly and when a library is 
effectively included I can check it has been inserted in the 
backscripts but still its handlers are not accessible raising an error.

Is such a bug experienced by other developers?

Could it be related to the first release of 2.5 (August)? Because after 
reinstalling Revolution 2.5, the "Check for Update..." went first in 
some error: "There was an error executing a script in stack Revolution 
Version Checker. No more information is available because the stack is 
password protected.". And then in the second "Check for Update..." I 
got the message that "You have the latest version of Revolution along 
with the lastest updates."... I am getting trouble and have doubt that 
all has been properly updated.

Thanks for clues!

J. Guillod

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