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Tue Nov 23 01:55:22 EST 2004

On Nov 22, 2004, at 10:42 PM, Jan Schenkel wrote:
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>> The OS controls the size of the cursor, so there
>> probably isn't much
>> that RR can do about it.
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>> Jacqueline Landman Gay
> Well, yes and no : I don't expect RR to hack the
> operating system ; but it would be really nice and
> developer-friendly if they'd allow it on the platforms
> that can handle it, and convert to black-and-white
> and/or resize the cursor image on platforms with
> limitations, without user intervention.

I just found this page that says the limitation on OS X is 64x64 32 big  
cursors and that if you want to implement larger cursors to use a  
window that tracks with the cursor:


So it appears the method I'm currently using for drag and drop is  
partially correct.  Scott Rossi offered some suggestions which I think  
will help fix some of the other problems I was having.  Better cursor  
support would still be nice though.

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