Newbie question about image/button relationships

Silver, Jason jsilver at
Mon Nov 22 12:58:46 CST 2004

Hello all,

This is my first post to the use-revolution mailing list, and I have a
question about what images/buttons can (or cannot) do.  Our company has
chosen Revolution to create prototypes of handset applications, so we
can mock them up and find potential areas of confusion before committing
to the user interface of the application.  I only have a handful of
programming knowledge, as my background is in Human-Computer
Interaction, focusing on UI design and usability; this is also my first
experience with a "card-based" language.

Now, onto the issue.  I have an image of a mobile phone keypad (in JPG
format), and I would like for the user to be able to click on specific
areas, causing changes to occur on the "screen" (which is a field).  Is
there a way to Revolution to watch for specific areas of the image to be
pressed (such as the coordinates of a "Send" key, vs. the coordinates of
an "End" key)?  Keep in mind, this is only one image, not a bunch of
images.  If this is not possible, do I have to create a group of buttons
on top of the image that are all set so they are not visible?

Thank you in advance for your help.  I'm happy that a mailing list like
this exists!

Best regards,
Jason Silver

Human Factors Engineer, Sr.
jsilver at 

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