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James Spencer jspencer78 at
Sun Nov 21 18:16:06 EST 2004

On Nov 21, 2004, at 12:16 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

>> As you guessed, it appears that the standard RR icons are not copied 
>> over.  Interestingly, I haven't been able to get them to copy over 
>> even if I make a button that uses one of them as the icon (I was 
>> going to just use standard RR icons for this quick and dirty app but 
>> it appears that is not easily possible).  But I can set these globals 
>> to any other images in my open stacks and then things work fine.
> This sounds like something that ought to go into Bugzilla. It seems to 
> me that these images should get placed into standalones if "ask" or 
> "answer" is used in the stack. If you don't want to submit it, let me 
> know and I'll do it. Bugzilla is here:
> <>

I'm glad to submit it; I just wanted to be sure that it is in fact a 
bug before doing so.

It does appear that there is fact some kind of significant bug here.  I 
jumped the gun in saying things work fine if I set the globals to 
existing images.  The large icon will appear correctly in answer 
dialogs if the iconType is omitted but for the other types, which in OS 
X  should badge a standard icon with the small app icon, only the small 
icon is appearing, correctly located where the badge should be, but 
without the large standard icon.  The latter is not appearing, just a 
blank space.

Going along with this is the question of what the fields in the 
standalone settings for OS X mean.  I could swear that I saw somewhere 
(either an archived message or in the docs or a Bugzilla report) that 
one should be able to set gRevAppIcon and gRevSmallAppIcon in the 
dialog.  I can't find the source of that idea but certainly the 
language of the labels in the dialog, i.e. "Icons to display on ask and 
answer dialogs" would seem to indicate this.  However, it doesn't work 
for me.  If I want any icons at all in my answer dialogs in the 
standalone, I need to have the image somewhere in my application and 
need to explictly set the globals.

Whatever, unless someone here tells me that I'm screwing up (admittedly 
even with RR's bugs, that this is my own foolishness is a more likely 
prospect) I'll submit it to Bugzilla shortly.  I'm just surprised no 
one has complained about this if it is a bug.


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