Creating reusable code libraries

Kaveh Bazargan kaveh at
Sun Nov 21 16:59:26 EST 2004

At 11:53 am -0600 21/11/04, Gordon Tillman wrote:


>> What would be the best way in Rev. to create a
>> reusable code library - e.g. to do 3D mathematics?
>> Would I create it as a stack script in an otherwise
>> empty stack and then load the stack into my apps and
>> keep it invisible? Do all stacks have to have a
>> toplevel window?
>This is how I do reusable code libraries.  I create a very simple stack
>with one card and one or more buttons on the card.  The button script
>contains the reusable code.

Another alternative is the very useful Custom Property. I have one button
called "scripts", and I have a custom property for each AppleScript. This
way there is just one button, and all scripts are listed nicely in the

For example I have a custom property called "open_files". I run the script
by saying:

do open_files of btn "scripts" as AppleScript

Kaveh Bazargan

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