Drawer confusion

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Sat Nov 20 03:49:58 EST 2004

Hi Kaveh,

> I am using OS X with RR 2.5.
> I have a main stack for which I need a drawer stack, permanently 
> available.
> I am confused about the relationship between the two stacks.
> If the drawer stack is not open, the main stack will complain that it
> cannot see it. When they are open, all is well as far as data goes, 
> but I
> need to say
>   drawer stack "settings"
> in order to turn the "settings" stack into a drawer. I have to do this
> every time. And I need to make sure both stacks are open.
> How can I have the drawer stack saved with the main file, and 
> transparently
> attached to it?

hmmm, let me see if i understand you right...

Is your "settings" stack a substack of your main stack? Well, sounds 
like :-)

But in that case you should be able to access the substack and all of 
its controls
without having to open it first...

And to have the drawer always available, just open (drawer) it in your 

But maybe i am not getting your right...?

> Kaveh Bazargan
> http://www.focalimage.com/
> http://www.holographer.org/


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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