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I agree with you completely.  Revolution is far from easy when you first start to use it.  I do have to give the Revolution Development Team credit, it's a lot better than before, but it would be very hard for them to reproduce the ease of use that came along with HyperCard.

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> Howdy,
> I've been a hyperCard user since before some subscribers here were 
> born. This is my maiden message on this forum. Let's see how many 
> people I can irritate  ;-)
> I got the bargain deal for Revolution or DreamCard or whatever it's 
> called. I must say I'm grateful to have it.
> I tried opening some of my stacks. In some ways, I was very 
> impressed. In the blink of an eye Revolution told me what handlers 
> could not be compiled, and where they were. In some cases, it told me 
> what the problem might be, like maybe improper use of a reserved word.
> On DoMenu... and Set the top of bg field "foo" to 999 seemed to be 
> the main problems. These things shouldn't be hard to fix. I'll have 
> to figure out how to write a proper script to set the top of bg field 
> foo...
> OTOH... My native hyperCard popUp buttons didn't display right. When 
> I opened  up the hood, so to speak, I was amazed and overwhelmed by 
> the huge number of ways I could configure the buttons. Same reaction 
> when I looked at how to set field attributes. I'll figure out how to 
> make them display right, by trial and error, probably. The 
> documentation must be overwhelming, also.
> Some people will love all the new features. Computer professionals, 
> mostly, I'd guess. I'm kind of disappointed. Revolution is a Space 
> Shuttle, and all I need is a hang glider. That's why HC was such a 
> good thing for me in the first place. Why can't we have Revolution 
> Lite, for morons like me? Native hyperCard 2.4 does everything I 
> need, and much, much more, except for a Reports add-on. Some of the 
> HC externals are handy, but I could get along without them. I gotta 
> life, a family and a profession. Learning massively complex new 
> applications is not my idea of a hobby!
> This is one more incentive to stick with OS 9 or classic mode and 
> hyperCard for another year. I wonder how long I can make this last?
> Maybe someone will write an external that will turn Revolution into 
> Revolution for Morons, by hiding and disabling all the perplexing new 
> and unneeded features for people like me. Probably won't happen...
> My thoughts, worth their weight in gold... (Lemme see... About how 
> much do they weigh???)         ;-)
> Have a nice weekend,
> Tim Miller
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