Technical strike

Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Nov 19 13:23:01 EST 2004

Hi Richard,

> I'm stuck in an Internet cafe in what is widely regarded as one of the
> least Internet-access-friendly cities in the world, Rome.  It took some
> time to find this place, and as with most such locations here there is 
> no
> wi-fi (most here have never even heard of it), so I'm patiently typing 
> on
> an Italian keyboard, trying to catch up on my stuff.

Now you know how i felt in Malta with Frederics french keyboard under 
my hands...
Mon dieux, c'etait casse-couilles ;-)

> My point:
> I had about 30 messages in my In Box related to this thread.  I get 
> tons
> of email like this everytime you're unhappy, Xavier, which is often.
> So here's my offer to simplify both your life and mine:  Please find
> another development tool whose list I am not on, and contact me offlist
> to arrange for me to help get you a license.  You will at last no 
> longer
> be encumbered by what you express as incompetence in both the vendor 
> and
> its fans, and my email will be reduced to the subset that is of 
> interest to me.
> Deal?
> I'll be back at my desk in a couple days, and look forward to only one
> more email on this topic, a personal note to me about the new tool 
> you've
> selected.


I almost wet my pants, Richard, very good one :-)

> - rg

Best from germanki

Klaus Major
klaus at

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