Multi-line Button Names

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Fri Nov 19 02:43:58 EST 2004

On 19 Nov 2004, at 04:57, Sivakatirswami wrote:

> I recall there used to be a way to set button names to multi-line 
> button names, but it escapes me now... e.g. let's say we want the btn 
> width quite narrow, but button names don't wrap..
>  Upload
>    to
>  Siddhi
> I tried naming the button "upload" then in the msg box ran:
> set the name of btn "upload" to ("Upload" &cr& "to" &cr&  "Siddhi")
> but I got underscores in the name
> set the label of btn "upload " to ("Upload" &cr& "to" &cr&  "Siddhi")
> also doesn't work... it discards all but the top line...

Use "\n" to separate lines. Like this:

    set the label of btn "upload " to ("Upload\nto\nSiddhi")


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