send handler with multiple params

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Thu Nov 18 21:43:04 EST 2004

Build your command into a string that contains all the parameters, 
something like this should work:

put "hDoQuery the uLs of stack " & quote & aa & quote & ",FROM 
contact,ORDER BY Last_name" into tCmd
send tCmd to stack "contact List"

You don't actually need to do it in 2 lines, but it makes debugging 
Beware of variables that contain commas as that can cause problems in 
the receiving handler.


On 19 Nov 2004, at 10:01 am, Hershel Fisch wrote:

> Hi all
> I'm trieng to figure out if the only way this could be done  is with a 
> var or there is another way ?
>  put "contact list" into aa
>  send "hDoQuery  the uLs of stack aa ,FROM contact,ORDER BY Last_name" 
> to stack "contact List"
> Thanks, Hershel

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