calm down

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Thu Nov 18 15:46:48 EST 2004

Mister X -- please calm down. this is NOT usenet. And Rev is not 
Microsoft. It's just a small bunch of really creative people that are 
creating a work-in-progress, and most of us think it's pretty cool, 
even with the warts.

Respect? I don't think you've shown much today. Not to us.

We are not the enemy, we are your fellow developers. Whatever 
problems you are having, you seem to be so hysterical about it that 
you can't see the forest for the trees.

After the almost 10 year drought with no decent x-talks, and none for 
OS X for a  time, I am happy for the very existence of Revolution, 
let alone all the new features.

Your yelling at us won't fix your problems, or even make anyone WANT 
to help you. So sit down, shut up and try the other code that Ms. Gay 
suggested. We've had this as a topic for some time on this list - 
this is not news.

So why don't you stop dumping on us. This is a nice list, with nice 
people and you are interjecting 'bad vibes' into this otherwise 
gentle and helpful forum.

If you can't control your anger, could you please go somewhere else 
to display it until you can? You are taking this 'disgruntled 
customer' crap way too far. Really - you're acting like you just paid 
$20000 for some enterprise software (which can't do nearly as much.)

stephen barncard

>Jacque, I have a lot of respect for you, but today, that is BS!
>What a bleak and chicken cop out!
>The fraging least you could do is tell the customer about it instead of
>making him wait and get disgusted since February. YES. NINE MONTHS!!!!!!
>Is there something wrong I missed? Did someone else hear that GM was being
>dropped out? Did you see it in the doc?

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