Technical strike

MisterX b.xavier at
Thu Nov 18 07:28:02 EST 2004

I try to say this in all calm and reason... Sorry if my ire comes out...
Sorry if this seems long, it could have been 3 times longuer without the
details, the ire, the feelings, the agony, the frustration or the hell of it

This the third mail I want to send about this... Each day, I say no, I'll
fix the stack, each next day it gets worse... Each day I want to write this
horror story... I've edited this email since 7 AM, it's now noon...

So in the hopes it saves you all the waste of time, patience, energy,
creative work that I've lost in this past month (over 20 hours!) for one
project, the controlsbrowser, I write this to try to get the least
satisfaction I haven't managed to get as a long-time and supportive
customer. Im out of solutions, possible actions. I dont know to what
professional minded soul devote this query!

This is why MonsieurX will not continue working
with RunRev unless something is done about

I've broken all my runrev downloads in response to my blocker status and
will not answer for it until a fix is proposed. See bug 1222 for the very

Please vote for this bug

I do think RR is a tremendously great product but some problems in Revo are
definitely too much for this experienced developper's patience and

Rereading the RR website to find my support license expectations revealed
that I have NONE (hey, neither do you!) without shelving in an unconverted
currency - meaning - none of my softwares' users cant expect support they
haven't donated! 

Im out of a non-existing business. Conclusions: A new model will evolve if
there is a solution to this problem - Sorry Dan...

Here's my business equation:

Buy runrev, develop great runrev tools for the runrev users, share-code,
make freewares, make sharewares, get some donations, develop xos, make new
market for runrev developpers to develop faster... 

Here's the result:
Buy runrev, develop, blocker bug, no support, redo stack, (repeat last 3-4
steps 20 times for each stack), blocker bug, no support, (repeat 6 last
steps 3 times at least), release, no customers, nubug or enhance, no
support, no donations, no renewals, no support... No customers! 

Im shocked to come to these conclusions... And I can't really tell you how I
really feel or i'll get flamed for sure. Maybe I should hope it happens to
anyone... But knowing how it is, I dont. Trust me!

- WHY? 

So far I've spent more time fixing the rects of my controls "manually" in
the controlsBrowser stack than I've spent developping the damn stack! This
because of the illogical resizings which the Geom. Mgr doesn't want to
update correctly. On top of that, a dozen bugzilla reports and a good 4
hours writing/editing time for Rev's benefit.

So Im on a technical strike! I cannot use RunRev anymore due to Technical
instability in the RUNREV IDE GEOMETRY MANAGER and blocker bug 2341. I have
reported this bug and since then cannot use runrev. And it's not the only
bugzilla affecting this stack that isn't a blocker or critical! Is there
something higher than blocker in bugzilla?

It has been over a working week since posting a "blocker" bug and still no
feedback... I dont post over 110 bugzillas because I have just have free
time to spare and dont care to help, on top of the valuable license
investment. Im still zen so I fix around the problem, the GM bug creates a
new problem. Over and over and over (about 30 to 60 times a week), every day
after every day, release after release. When I fixed the GUI design tuesday,
the stack started crashing RunRev! I remake stack, GM probs come back again!

My patience is OVER! How Zen must you be?

I have exhausted all programming ways to avoid this bug, I tried all RunRev
channels to get some kind of an answer about this bug since FEBRUARY (but
1222)!!!! No matter how well my stack works, I still dont trust it working
well due to the Geometry Manager WHICH IS BUGGED! And which soon will affect
my customers. I have 4 different stacks marred with this problem. 2 of which
I've completely rebuilt to no avail. I've repaired and even resinstalled
RunRev three times! I've spent more time fixing than developping the
software! And NOT due to my bugs! 

I've posted bugzillas about them and no answer. I wrote to KM too - he's
even assigned to my bugzilla. I've tried to be helpful and nice and even
free advising to the guy. I GOT STILL NOTHING.

So here is my problem live...

go stack url "" 
Ignore any (wrong stack/contrls selected) errors after opening
choose any stack from the stack menu to appease possible errors

Resize the middle bar to see the new bug that got in after copy pasting the
stack into a new one. Resize them all you want! Resize the stack, and bam
again something else will be wrong... I have 20 different versions of this
stack with different problems each and each with the GM settings reset and
reset again!

I though one last time I wouldn' post this mail. Try again... Im posting,
it's too much to handle: Now the midsize bar doesn't respond anymore. 3rd
time this happens (across 4 different releases) then goes away. I get a
non-existing reverror from a perfectly working script. And there's buttons
in the custom property editors that should move to the bottom of the window
and dont!

Irony of it all: I take a week off work to release ControlsBrowser get ahead
on XOS. Finally get CB working on tuesday, finish the virtual xos object
model and since then crash boom bang. 

So thanks for your vote on
So support our development which is geared towards improving
your work in RunRev. I certainly dont want to stop but at this
stage, it's futile to even try!

Once again, totally discouraged,
I have really exhausted ALL possible 
choices in the most professional manner.

Xavier Bury
-- - 
out of free nitrous

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