ANN: iGame3D's Dead Days

william griffin bill at
Thu Nov 18 02:57:52 EST 2004

I've been hard at work on iGame3D's interface, with some excellent
help, in the last few months.
Tobi decided he'd spend the only six days of "vacation" he's had in a 
competing in the uDevGames contest over at and so we 
whipped up
  (drum roll, trumpets, ..whats that moaning noise from the shadows?)....

Dead Days: 3D third person Robot vs. zombies adventure.

Use WASD keys to move, SHIFT to run,
SPACE bar punch, and the MOUSE button when you find the machine gun.

Here's the Contest Download Link For Mac with system requirements etc.
Here's the Direct Download For PC
We've only had feedback from 4 PC users and its all been good.
We don't know what the PC system requirements are at this time.

If it works for you, then please follow this link to vote for the game 
before November 23.
One vote per IP address I'm afraid.

Our email is available in the read me file, if you have any problems
please contact us with as detailed system specs as you can provide.
ATI video cards, on random machines seem to be the only problems we've 

Some folks may not know what this has to do with the rev list so....
Here's a screen shot of the current editor running in rev

Here's some cool documentation output from an impressive stack Wouter 
cooked up.
(still working out bugs with various the vanishing 

Most of the external documentation is already in this format, nice huh?

Ok Have fun and today's my birthday, so don't forget to vote,
or no party hats and exotic dancers leaping from the  ice cream cake!! 

Mr Bill
Team iGame3D

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