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>FYI, as already mentioned: I had the same experience... all my custom 
>prop in a stack were wiped out... but only apparently so... after I 
>quit Rev and quit ControlBrowser and rebooted, the same stack whose
>custom props appeared empty, returned, but with all the custom 
>properties there! Unfortunately I had spent time "repairing" the stack 
>before saving it... so it kind of got messed up.. I test on a very 
>small app, with just  a few buttons... let us know when this problem is 

I have had the same experience with custom properties. To look at 
them is to erase them.

To recover the properties, assuming you haven't saved the changes, 
you might try typing "Revert" into the message box. (Or use the 
corresponding menu item if you are not using 2.2)


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