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Scott Rossi scott at
Fri Nov 12 05:20:38 EST 2004

Recently, xbury.cs at wrote:

>> Download link from safari gives rev code in Browser.
>> A simple zip compression should solve this problem for 99.9%
>> of all browsers.

> rev or zip, there should be no difference in downloading...
> Do you have the same problem with this zipped download?
> Seems Safari is not really up with today's technology! Try
> to save the link target as... Surely Safari can do this!
> Your mimes should be fixed and this is not the first time I
> hear the problem - only from Mac/Safari users!
> If it works in Netscape, IE, Avantbrowser, discretebrowser,
> it should work in Safari shouldn't it? ;)

Historically, delivery of stacks on the Web almost always resulted in stack
code being displayed in the browser since browsers read .mc and .rev files
as text.  Currently, some browsers will automatically download the file
regardless of the file suffix/missing mime type, but this behavior is not
consistent.  A quick test here shows Safari and IE5 display code; Netscape
and Mozilla ask what you want to do with the file; Opera automatically

It is actually quite easy to option-click links in Safari/IE to acquire
files, though providing a ZIP might be considered more universally


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