Convolve in Externals SDK

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.c files contain your code
.h files contain the headers (macros, defines, prototypes to your functions)
although H files are optional, they separate the code from the

There's a lot of good C beginning tutorials out there. Shouldn't be hard to
find. Learning C however is a medium hard task though!

The externals I though were pretty clear but there is a lot of mambo jambo
code in there to glue the external to the external API. And that makes it
quite confusing. 

However the code contains almost all the different kinds of examples you
might want which is very nice. 

If I remember correctly, most old hc books contain a how to for externals.
Danny Goodman's Complete HC handbook has such a chapter. 

Unfortunately, I don't really need externals anymore... I haven't
experimeted much with them yet. I have a project for some neural nets though
where RR is really slow...


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> > On windows? It compiled with Visual C++ 6 (I think it was 6...)...
> > 
> > Quite a piece of work too! ;)
> Yes, on Windows.  I used the Bloodshed DevC++ program to try 
> to compile it.  Evertime I thought I got close to figuring 
> out why it wasn't working, I was given a whole new set of 
> unrecogonizable errors.
> Also, I do have to comment that the SDK is very confusing and 
> misleading.  The tutorials were incomplete and did not answer 
> some very basic questions that a newbie might have.  For 
> example, the tutorial explains that 2 files will be created 
> "external.c" and "external.h", but does not continue to 
> explain which piece of code goes where.  Experience 
> developers may laugh at that statement, but most developer's 
> fail to remember what it was like when they first started 
> out.  Things need to be easy.  Just my 2 cents.
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