[ANN] Folder Compressor Available For Beta Testing

Chris Sheffield revlist at cableone.net
Wed Nov 10 09:16:31 CST 2004

Hi Rob,

I remember having some similar problems a while back when trying to use
revCopyFile and revCopyFolder.  Using revCopyFolder to copy an app bundle
does not work like it should.  You're left with an app that doesn't launch,
like you described.  With the help of Ken Ray, I finally ended up having to
directory walk the app bundle, get the file type/creator for each and every
file, and then make sure to set that before doing the actual file copy.

So I would check that first.  Use the detailed files to get the file
type/creator and then you'll have to store that somehow in your archive.
Then obviously upon decompression the filetype will have to be set before
decompressing each file in the bundle.  Kind of a pain, but I don't see any
other way to do this.  Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

I am so glad you're doing this, btw.  I've been wanting something like this
for a long time, and just haven't had the time to devote to it.  Great work!

Chris Sheffield
Software Development
Read Naturally

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Hi All,

There is a beta version of SDB Tools including folder 
compression/expansion capabilities available at 
<http:wecode.org/serendipity/serendipity_downloader.htm>.  To test 
folder compression you will need to download SDB_Tools.rev and 
Serendipity_Library.rev.  The former is designed for use as a plugin; 
the later can reside anywhere.

There is a known problem in this beta: while the individual files & 
folders that comprise a Mac OS X application bundle appear to 
decompress correctly, the application fails to launch when 
double-clicked.  Any help in isolating the problem -- or identifying 
glitches I haven't caught as yet -- will be greatly appreciated.

Rob Cozens
CCW, Serendipity Software Company

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