How to access Telnet Port - please help

Abeysekera, Prasanna nivantha at
Tue Nov 9 19:47:05 EST 2004

Hi Sarah,
                I went through your script and its very good. There are some
areas that I need to understand, since I am new to Rev programming. 
1. I like to learn how to use your library in my stack. I looked at
Documentation and found this "How do I create a code library - " and under
that topic it says 

"script of group "MyLib" into back"
Now I am little bit confused of the above. Can you please give me some
examples to explain how to use the lib.

Is the POPlibrary commands derived from mail server request formats? Can you
please elaborate in this area too.

2. What are the steps necessary to create my own library, please explain.

Thanks in Advance



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