Help - Button Menu Question??

thierry douez at
Tue Nov 9 12:58:38 CST 2004


put the scripts they show you into a mousedown Handler
in your button script and that's it :-)

HTH, thierry

RRF> Jan, Alain and Frank,

RRF> THANK YOU very much for your helpful suggestions. They do work for
RRF> setting the pull down buttons items from OUTSIDE the button's script.

RRF> But what I'm really trying to do is change the button's items from
RRF> INSIDE the button's script i.e. Each time the button is clicked a new list
RRF> of items is displayed based on a string (of list items) from a Global
RRF> Variable.

RRF> I certainly can utilize your suggestions using a second "list
RRF> actuating" button as a work around - but I would prefer to avoid that.

RRF> Thanks again for your responses and they were helpful. I'll keep
RRF> looking for a single button approach.

>>--- "Ralph R. Forehand" <ralf at> wrote:
>> > The Rev documentation says:
>> > You can script the button's menu items with a
>> > handler (one menu item per line), 
>> > but doesn't show an example of this.
>> > 
>> > I'm trying to use a string of User names, ex.
>> > "Smith, Jones, Brown, White"
>> > within a handler to populate my button's menu items.
>> > The number of Users (line items) will vary depending
>> > on the User group.
>> > 
>> > Does anyone know the location (URL) of a sample
>> > script that does this and/or 
>> > what commands could I use?
>> > 
>> > Thanks in Advance for any help and TAKE CARE
>> > Ralph 
>> > 
>>Hi Ralph,
>>You can change a menu button's items by means of the
>>'text' property ; this expects a return-delimited list
>>of menu items ; example :
>>  set the text of button "MyMenuButton" to \
>>      "Smith" & return & "Jones" & return & \
>>      "Brown" & return & "White"

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