Detect PPPoE vs. DHCP

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Mon Nov 8 14:36:17 CST 2004


Actually, DHCP and PPPoE are completely different types of protocols; 
both could theoretically be used together.  DHCP is basically a way to 
get an IP address for yourself (along with info such as DNS addresses, 
default router, etc.) over an existing IP network.  PPPoE is a way to 
bridge two separate networks across a third network, without allowing 
that third network access to either of the other two.  These are 
completely different things, so I fail to understand what you are 
trying to determine here?

On Nov 8, 2004, at 15:04, RGould8 at wrote:

> Can anyone tell me if there's a way in Mac OS X to determine whether 
> the user
> is currently connected via DHCP vs. PPPoE?   Some sort of unix shell 
> command
> perhaps?   I've looked at the "ifconfig" command, and it spits back a 
> lot if
> interesting info, but nothing jumps out at me to denote "DHCP" vs. 
> "PPPoE".
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